Makeup is essential if you want to look good. Now-a-days most women goes to office and over there also she would want to look beautiful. In case of a party makeup or a makeup for an evening occasion it is all right to have loud color and to spend much time on it. While getting ready for office, a woman has to take care of some points and apply the makeup accordingly. Here are some tips for applying quick makeup for office:
  • Before applying makeup on the face, make sure you massage the face with moisturizer. Only then you should start with the other things.
  • For oily skin after applying moisturizer, apply foundation which has a matte effect. So that it remains on the skin for a longer time. For dry skin, after moisturizer is applied there is no need for a foundation on the face, instead use loose powder.
  • Foundation which suits your skin tone should be applied. Stay away from shades like brown or pink tone based shades. You can apply concealer under your eyes after foundation has been done with.
  • Always use neutral colors on eye and lips. Don’t put on loud or dark colors as they won’t look good when you are going to office. Also avoid glossy lipsticks and glittering eye shadow as they won’t look good.
  • You can choose transparent or black color mascara for eyes after a neutral color eye shadow has been applied. You can opt for liquid eyeliner as it will last longer and its application should be soft.
  • You can apply blusher on cheeks, chin and forehead. Tone of blusher should be selected in such a way that it doesn’t look cheap in office environment. You can go with shades like pale pink or rose or some other natural colors. Avoid colors like brown and red.
Wearing makeup at office is a good habit but you will have to make sure that your makeup is light enough otherwise it will look very cheap in bright lights. Reapplication of light makeup is very easy. So if there is a need to do touch up, it can be easily done in office premises.